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Jason Read (Ringoes, N.J.) developed an uncanny penchant for cleaning at an early age.  This interest served him well as Firefighter / EMT as vehicles in the fire/rescue and industry can never be too clean.  He cleaned so aggressively, so thoroughly, that at the tender age of 21 he became Chief of his local rescue squad.  In 2004, under the guidance of perennial Dad Vail and Ivy League Rowing Coach, Michael F. Teti, Jason won a gold medal with his teammates (and set a World Record) at the Athens Olympic Games in the U.S. Men’s Eight.  In 2005, Jason was inducted into the Hun School of Princeton's and New York Athletic Club’s Hall of Fame.  New Jersey Monthly Magazine named Jason one of the State’s ‘Top 30 under-30’ residents in 2008.  While at the Beijing Olympics, Jason contributed to the Wall Street Journal's coverage of the Beijing Olympics.  Additionally, he has been published in The Economist and Sports Illustrated, is a past contributor to, and has been featured in Vanity Fair .  When not rowing, polishing up on the latest transportation policy item du jour, or answering 911 emergency calls, Jason can be seen in two(!) exercise videos: Fit Pack, and the recently released, Fit Pack Total with celebrity Athletic Trainer Joel Harper and America’s (and Oprah’s) top Doc, Dr. Mehmet Oz.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he is the founder of  (hi). – Penn & Drexel

Miss Julia King Swanson (Dallas, Texas) stands 6’5 and has four sisters.  While growing up in a humble abode with, if our math is correct, six Swanson gals, Julia’s operational tasks were threefold: developing an adequate toilet paper inventory management system, keeping the bathrooms clean, and understanding the importance of using green products whilst managing the two previous mentioned items.  Julia is an expert in cleaning and maintaining bidets, toilets (American Standard, Kohler, and Bemis) and other specialty bathroom fixtures.  Like colleague Jack El Peligro Lindeman (see below), Julia’s wing-span would make Michael Jordan blush.  These long toned monsters make it impossible for dust bunnies, stink bugs, spiders, and other general vermin to hide in vents, on ledges, picture frames, door jams, and other hard to reach places thanks to her standing north of 6’5.  Her physical prowess, alluring chassis, and inquisitive personality were the requisite skills necessary to support the Penn Volleyball team's rampage through the Ivy League last season.

Scott Schmidt (Grosse Point, Mich.) has lived in the Great Lakes state, the Emerald City (Seattle) and now resides in the City of Brotherly Love; Scott is currently in the queue to begin advanced medical training at the University of Pennsylvania.  He competed at the highest levels of collegiate rowing with the notorious (read: these guys were BIG!) University of Washington Huskies under the venerable Coach, Robert “Bob” Ernst.  Scott measures 6 feet 6 inches at night, and recently completed Baccaureate work at Penn and the U. of Washington.  In addition to enjoying chess, conducting clinical research at CHOP, and analyzing marketing concepts of Bed Bath and Beyond, Scott coached Varsity Rowing at Penn.  He frequents Allegro Pizza after 1am on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights.  His most memorable moment at Penn’s post-Bac program was meeting Princeton Field Hockey standout, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Black (Princeton ’05 / Upper Gwynedd Penn. 19454).  

Jason Zeller (Millstone, N.J.) is an EMT hailing from Millstone N.J.  His blood borne pathogen training gives him a keen eye on keeping environments neat, orderly, disinfected, and productive.   Following a strong performance at Lehigh University (Engineering / Varsity Rowing…hi), Jason attended the University of Pennsylvania’s post-Baccalauréate program (also with Lizzie Black).  Fantastically, Commander J. Zeller is now a physician-in-training at the Drexel Medical College …Class of 2013.  He also can be found at Allegro Pizza conducting various experiments on social interactions throughout the week.  His login is Lehigh-Mountainhawk-Bethlehem (Penn.)-Israel.  He is a registered New Jersey voter and enjoys being shy, introverted, and staying physically fit.  Jason is an industrialist at heart and interned in the summers of 2005 and 2006 in the now defunct Bethlehem Steele World Headquarters.   He stationed himself in the old blast furnaces at Bethlehem Steele adjacent to the famous Lehigh River and Lehigh Railroad, which, incidentally, are located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley. – Princeton

Jack El Peligro Lindeman (Sewell, N.J.), a young scholar at Princeton University studying English, knows no job is too big or too small for  A former Hermit from St. Augustine Prep, Jack is a highly motivated, highly skilled water sport athlete.  His innate sense of problem solving and uncompromising approach to attacking threats within a changing college living environment reinforces's ability to mitigate what most would consider an intractably ‘GAMEY’ environment.  Jack has invested many hours developing the most efficient means to tackle rooms of various size in the dormitory and at off-campus housing environs.  Because Jack stands 6’4, most ledges and tough-to-reach dusty spots (or light fixtures filled with stink bugs or beer cans from last summer) are no match for the NBA-like extension of this tall long-armed teddy bear.  When not pushing back the frontiers of story writing and poetry, Jack enjoys researching the Puritan work ethic and leading discussions about Ottoman Pottery in the library of the Cloister Inn.    

Ian Silveira (Orchard Lake, Mich.) was a Junior National team standout rower following a riveting senior year at St. Mary’s Preparatory School.  Ian currently is a member of the esteemed Class of 2012 at Princeton University.  He is actively involved in the Aquinas Institute’s Taskforce on Transportation (AITT) and loves to exercise when he’s not laboring through problem sets, cultivating policy positions, writing papers, or avoiding the painfully inefficient Tiger Tram service.  His Sociology background gives him an acute understanding of the social fabric that often begets a filthy atmosphere where one lives.  Ian attacks the source of the problem and then works to contain other exposures that may impact grade performance, romantic relationships, and a host of other social interactions - all resulting from an unhealthy living environment.   

*Special Note*

All employees have (at the minimum) training in CPR for the Professional Rescuer. 


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